Monday, September 17, 2007


I've been looking for sweater patterns and sweaters that I can copycat after I saw a woman on the subway with a gorgeous sideways knit pullover. I loved the shape and the drape of it, and its in line with some of this fall's fashion trends. In searching the interwebs for such an item I found this: Catherine Malandrino's Knit Butterfly Dress.


The closest thing to a close-up of the stitch pattern:

First of all, even if I didn't knit I wouldn't even consider buying this dress because it is $525, and I am flat broke(but even if I did have the money I wouldn't really consider it an option to spend that much). There's also that strange pouch in the front that makes it bulky in the tummy area which, for those of us who are not rail thin like this model, could foreseeably create an issue. Other than that though, I love the shape and drape.

I've never really designed anything before, but I would love to be able to knit up something that emulated this. The construction seems fairly simple. Perhaps along the lines of poncho with the sides sewn up and stitches picked up around the bottom or a band sewn on. That part might be tricky, I don't really know how the gathering would work. I would probably knit it longer though, because I am not so daring as to wear such a short skirt.

Alright, so that's all for now. Just a little eye candy until I post on things I'm actually working on :)

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Team Knit said...

That's gorgeous! I know what you mean about wanting to dissect a professional item to knit it yourself- I'm in the beginning stages of knitting up a $650 Burberry sweater that I saw....