Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Oops, I haven't been updating. It isn't for lack of content, but my own sheer laziness. Therefore, I apologize. I wish I could say that it was because I've been too busy, but I really haven't. Well, not busy enough to have to not be knitting anyway. Looking at my Ravelry page it actually kind of astounds me how much I have done since my last post.

I've actually knit quite a bit in the past month. The Pinwheel is off the needles, but I am quite dissatisfied with it. I underestimated the amount of yarn I would need to create a proper non-curling border. I may just give it away as it is, but I'm so annoyed with it that I really think I am going to have to frog those last few inches. This is no small feat due to the fact that there are, oh about 500 stitches in those rounds. I really need to just suck it up and do it.

Pasha is done as well. I somehow coerced my sister into doing to last of the sewing of appendages on for me. He's so cute, and such a ham!

I just need to actually remember to give him to his intended recipient instead of him sitting drolly on my desk. I will miss him though.

Also, after many months of toiling on 2x2 rib I have finished my first actual sweater, the Tempting. It was a great, super easy sweater with no seaming. A huge plus for me. Anyhoo, here it is along with my full pajama pants glory. I promise I'm not harboring a crab-shaped baby, its just the bunching of the pants. ...not that there would be anything wrong with that. Sorry for the dark picture, but its way too hot outside to do a photoshoot in a wool sweater.

Pattern: Tempting by Jenna Adorno
Needles: Size 8 circ
Yarn: Lion Brand Wool-Ease in Rose Heather
Mods: extra length to body and sleeves, no eyelets or ribbon.

I'm very pleased with the results and can't wait til its cold enough to wear wool. The pattern was perfect for my tastes: done in the round, no seaming, mindless knitting. Also, the 3 needles bind off for joining the sleeve underarms to the body is ingenious!

That's going to be all for now, even though there are plenty more projects to talk about. Hopefully you'll hear about them soon!

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Team Knit said...

Pasha is adorable! And tempting looks like it turn out really well- congrats on your first sweater!