Sunday, July 29, 2007

Anthro Capelet

More catching up...

The Anthropologie-inspired Capelet by Julsey

I had seen so many of these on craftster and then on ravelry, and I realized I had some bulky yarn that was just sitting around waiting to be something.

My first sweater-type object. I loved how easy and fast this pattern was on size 11 needles with Bernat Softee Chunky yarn. I knit several inches longer for the body than the pattern called for. From this project I learned how to do raglan increasing, which is great because I never realized how easy it actually is.

I'm really happy with the result and I actually wear this FO. I don't wear it with a pin or anything. Also, despite the garter stitch borders the edges curl. I just pretend its a design feature.

One Hour Booties

I made these booties with the intention of giving them to a former co-worker who had a baby a few weeks ago. I can't now however, because it was a boy and these booties are pretty much pink! I didn't know they would turn out that way, but that is how the strange Lion Brand Homespun colorway turned out. if you look close you can see that each bootie is somewhat of a different color than the other. That's how little yarn they used - only one color from a color repeat made up a whole bootie.

The pattern is from Stitch n Bitch Nation and I loved it! It was so quick and easy. It did take me longer than an hour, but I attribute that to my ability to be easily distracted. I will make more of these for sure, if only I knew more babies.


Another of my un-F'ed O's. Poor Pasha! He's done being knitted and has been so for months! I just need to sew his wings and feets on. I don't know what's wrong with me that I don't just do it already. I think it might be because once he's actually done I will be giving him away to my friend Sarah, and I am going to miss him.

The pattern is alright, but not my favorite. The directions were kind of unclear to me. I could figure them out, but I remember getting a little confused at some parts. Also, too many seams for my taste, but it did teach me short rows.

He's made of leftover cheap acrylic from before I had my revelation of what yarn should feel like.


Catching up on my projects... Here is the most recent of my unFinished Objects. I have multiple projects for which all of the knitting is done, but my inexplicable aversion to seaming, sewing or otherwise finishing knitted objects has left them languishing uncompleted.

Booga Bag - such a quick and easy pattern. Only needs to be felted. I really liked the construction of the bag, especially since I despise seaming and this is done entirely in one piece except for the strap of course. It was an awful lot of stockinette stitch though. I didn't knit the entire length of the pattern since I didn't want to expend more than the one skein (Patons Classic Merino - Rosewood) I had. So its only about 65 rows instead of the written 100. We'll see how short it turns out after felting.

Friday, July 27, 2007

New Blog!

Hello! I don't really know if anyone will read this but I may as well introduce myself anyway. I'm Liz, and I'm a jaded young unemployed recent college graduate. I spend about half of my days watching television, knitting and wasting away inside my parents' house in New Jersey. The other half I am spending time with my lovers and friends from NYU, where I went to college, who are almost all still living in NYC.

I've had at least two other blogs so far, but here is another one. I'm going to keep this one focused on crafting whereas the others were just rambling uselessness. Mostly this is just for myself so I can keep better track of my projects and the details. Ravelry has inspired me to do this since I see so many great crafting blogs on there and I always love being able to find out more about people's projects. I'll update soon with my current and past projects.