Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Equivalent of Zombie Pwnage

I know. I’m a bad blogger. And I have lots of projects and knitting related things that I could write about. But I want to post a funny knitting story.

Last night, I was working on the Urchin from Knitty. I was sitting in bed knitting away to finish up a short-row section before going to sleep. In walked DBF after finishing a session of Wii zombie killing and then the following:

Lizzy: ::knits away contentedly::
DBF: I have finished killing zombies for the night. IT IS TIME FOR BED!
Lizzy: Okay, I just have a tiny bit more knitting to do before I reach the perfect stopping point for the night. It will take me five minutes to do and this way I will not be confused about which row I am on in this pattern next time.
DBF: No, it is time for bed nooooow. Because I want you to cuddle me noooooooow.
Lizzy: ::knits away fastidiously:: okay I’m almost done. Just give me a minute.
DBF: ::hops onto bed tossing Lizzy’s pattern out of his way::
Lizzy: ::death glare:: can you… give me that… back…
DBF: oops, okay.
Lizzy: Okay, I’m done now. Let me just put my knitting away neatly and we can go to sleep…
DBF: Time for bed! Time for bed! ::furious force-cuddle::
Lizzy: ::struggling to escape:: Wait! I haven’t put the knitting in the bag yet! You’re going to get me stabbed by these needles!
DBF: ::reluctantly lets go:: Cuddle meeeeee. WAAAAHHHHHHH.

After I finished putting away my knitting into my lovely new knitting bag (from Angela at the SnK mitten swap, yay!), I tried to calmly explain how it was not okay for him to have been dis-res-pekkin’ my knitting all night (earlier in the evening he had been moving my knitting, sitting on my yarn). “Listen, I know you are just trying to be sweet and affectionate, but you cannot be all up in my grill when I am knitting. It would be like if you were killing zombies and I was all “Smoosmoosnugglywugglypayattentiontome” and blocking the TV while you are playing.” First, he gave me a big fat-lower-lip baby-face pout. Then he said, “Okay, I hear what you are saying, and that is an analogy I can understand. I am sorry.”