Friday, July 27, 2007

New Blog!

Hello! I don't really know if anyone will read this but I may as well introduce myself anyway. I'm Liz, and I'm a jaded young unemployed recent college graduate. I spend about half of my days watching television, knitting and wasting away inside my parents' house in New Jersey. The other half I am spending time with my lovers and friends from NYU, where I went to college, who are almost all still living in NYC.

I've had at least two other blogs so far, but here is another one. I'm going to keep this one focused on crafting whereas the others were just rambling uselessness. Mostly this is just for myself so I can keep better track of my projects and the details. Ravelry has inspired me to do this since I see so many great crafting blogs on there and I always love being able to find out more about people's projects. I'll update soon with my current and past projects.

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