Sunday, July 29, 2007

Anthro Capelet

More catching up...

The Anthropologie-inspired Capelet by Julsey

I had seen so many of these on craftster and then on ravelry, and I realized I had some bulky yarn that was just sitting around waiting to be something.

My first sweater-type object. I loved how easy and fast this pattern was on size 11 needles with Bernat Softee Chunky yarn. I knit several inches longer for the body than the pattern called for. From this project I learned how to do raglan increasing, which is great because I never realized how easy it actually is.

I'm really happy with the result and I actually wear this FO. I don't wear it with a pin or anything. Also, despite the garter stitch borders the edges curl. I just pretend its a design feature.

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