Sunday, July 29, 2007


Catching up on my projects... Here is the most recent of my unFinished Objects. I have multiple projects for which all of the knitting is done, but my inexplicable aversion to seaming, sewing or otherwise finishing knitted objects has left them languishing uncompleted.

Booga Bag - such a quick and easy pattern. Only needs to be felted. I really liked the construction of the bag, especially since I despise seaming and this is done entirely in one piece except for the strap of course. It was an awful lot of stockinette stitch though. I didn't knit the entire length of the pattern since I didn't want to expend more than the one skein (Patons Classic Merino - Rosewood) I had. So its only about 65 rows instead of the written 100. We'll see how short it turns out after felting.

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